5 Ways to ensure a genuine EPR!

Yes, you heard it right!

There are a few ways that you can use to ensure that your EPR is on the right track:

Verification of government authorization certificates

There are 2 check points, viz. the plastic collection centre and the plastic waste processing centre. You need to make sure that the collection centre and the processing centre that you wish to associate with, authorization from the government to carry out their operations.

Ensuring transparency and traceability in the process

You can keep a check on every step of EPR by ensuring timely documentation of the process. You must also make sure that there are no loopholes or duplications in your documentation at the collection centre, agency level (if involved) and the recycling centre.

Focussing on the area coverage of your EPR

Make sure that the geographical spread of your plastic products aligns with the geographical area coverage of your EPR activity. You must also ensure that you involve some ULB’s in your EPR work.

Quantity targets

Every individual stakeholder is supposed to conduct EPR for 100% of the waste that it produces. But many a times, the brand owner and the producer are a part of the same supply chain and are jointly responsible for the disposal of the same product. In cases like these, the brand owner and the producer must have agreements on what percentage of the total waste should be disposed by each of them to achieve the quantity target of 100%.

Audit and Inspection

You must appoint a 3rd party to conduct audits and inspect the collection facility and the recycling facility. For a collection centre audit, the 3rd party is expected to inspect the type of plastic being collected, the working conditions of the employees at the facility (using the right PPE), their infrastructure, etc. in correlation to your agreement document.