Are there any CPCB authorized agencies for EPR Services?

Central pollution Control Board has provided Producers and Brand Owners with the option of appointing a 3rd party (agencies) to carry out EPR on their behalf.

What created the need for agency involvement?

Every company has a core business like food products, textiles, drugs etc. Which generates the revenue. The companies neither have an infrastructure nor the process set up for taking back the plastic.Companies also don’t necessarily have connections with recyclers for the type of plastic they produce.

This brings a considerable burden on the company to either set up a whole new system in their business or to establish connections with municipal councils. This is where the agencies or producer responsibility organisations (PRO’s), come into the picture and help the companies fulfil their EPR compliance as their independent business.

To promote this option, the CPCB created a mechanism for PRO recognition in 2018. In the beginning, there were only 5 agencies which gradually grew to 21 by May 23rd, 2019.

On May 24th, 2019, CPCB issued a notification to dissolve the scheme for PRO recognition as there was enough awareness created among the stakeholders and CPCB no longer found it necessary to recognize all the agencies that provided EPR service.

CPCB neither authorizes nor supervises these agencies that conduct EPR.

The CPCB only communicates with the companies mandated to perform EPR (PIBO’s) and the SPCB authorizes the recyclers for their business. The companies can have the option of performing EPR on their own, associating with the ULB’s or associating with any agency of their choice to perform EPR.

The answer to the former question is that there are no agencies authorized by CPCB!