What does that mean?

  • Firstly, it means that the Producers, Importers and Brand Owners (PIBOs) has to understand what kind of material it introduces into the environment – whether it can be recycled, if yes how and where, if not, how to scientifically dispose it and where?
  • Then a PIBO must have a plan to collect all that material in a form that will be accepted for recycling or energy recovery or other environmentally friendly way of processing
  • Next is to find a recycler/ processor that can recycle/ process that material and transport the same to the facility
  • The most important thing –  the cost of doing all this has to be borne by the PIBOs.
Major Components of EPR!

Brands displayed are for indication purpose only

  1. Production of plastic/ plastic products
  2. Packaging of products in plastic
  3. Consumption of the products to leave back plastic as a waste
  4. Collection of waste plastic
  5. Transportation of the waste
  6. Disposal/ Recycling to end the plastic life or revamp it to make a new product
  7. Monitoring of these processes and keeping a record.